Making really big soap bubbles

Making big soap bubbles is an art and it’s so relaxing. A nice outdoor activity to play with kids.

Small bubbles are good, but how to make really big bubbles? They are so big that you kids can even go inside one of them.

There are many variations for the formula with some experimentation you will be able to make something really good.

Our secret formula is:

50% Water (bottled or distilled).
25% Fairy ultra (or similar washing-up liquid).
12.5% Powdered sugar.
12.5% Beer.

You can also use tap water, Glycerin could add some consistency like powdered sugar. Sugar also adds a nice shinning effect.

Sticks from a calendar can be what you need for the bubble tool crafting.

You can make other tools, a pencil, some tape and plastic from trash, just wave them or blow inside. These tools are easy to handle for younger kids.



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