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DWL-G700AP the ins and outs

Device description

D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G700AP is an 802.11g stardard high-speed wireless access point, wireless data transmision  speed could be of up to 54 Mbps.

dwl-g700ap front view
dwl-g700ap top view

We'll refer to it as DWL-G700AP and there are three versions.
Check the AP bottom label to see your Hardware version, B1 or B2, version A is a very old one.
In our test equipment the label reads: H/W Ver: B2.

dwl-g700ap bottom view
dwl-g700ap back view

It seems that the Cameo WLG-2012 is exactly the same Access Point than D-Link DWL-G700AP but just in a different enclosure and firmware.

Chips inside D-Link DWL-G700AP

dwl-g700ap without cover
On the left, the power module, on the right the RF chip covered in a square plate.

Realtek RTL8186
Dual-Band Tri-Mode Wireless Gateway System on a Chip.
The embedded processor is a Lexra LX5280 32-bit RISC CPU up to 200MHz operating frequency

Realtek RTL8201CP
Single-chip/single-port 10/100m fast ethernet phyceiver (with auto crossover).

Realtek RTL8225
802.11b/g RF Transceiver 2.4GHz.

Memory, with two chips that could be from different vendors.

8 Mb Synchronous DRAM

2 Mb CMOS Boot Sector Flash Memory

Dipole antenna with 2 dBi gain, connector: reverse SMA.
Maximum output power: 45mW

dwl-g700ap board small

Press here for a high resolution picture of the board.

Default configuration

Default configuration is:
user: admin
password: (leave blank by default)

Reset procedure

In order to delete all the configuration, IP also, and return to the factory default configuration. (The firmware version will not change).
With the AP on, use a paper clip to press the button inside the hole on the back on the unit, where you can read Reset and hold on for 10 seconds.
Then wait two minutes and try to logon with the default configuration shown before.

DWL-G700AP in client mode

dwl-g700ap screenshot
Original firmware 2.12 in our DWL-G700AP.

If we want to configure our AP in client mode, also known as bridge mode, it's possible by just upgrading to the latest oficial firmware.
At this time (December 2011) D-Link didn't upload the latest firmware to all the international sites.
At first we found version 2.31 (the first with client mode) in the official Russian FTP site.
It's for both hardware models B1 and B2.

But there's a newest firmware 2.33B01 dated Mar, 22 , 2011 that only changes from 2.31 in adding the logo on the user interface, it's on the Polish FTP site.

The file is:
Also for both models B1 and B2.

So we are going to use the 2.33B01 version found on the Polish FTP site.

dwl-g700ap screenshot
Updating to firmware 2.33 beta 1.

Attention: in our test, when trying to update the firmware with Firefox 3.6.10 we always get the message  "file is wrong" and the process can not continue. It works with Internet Explorer or Konqueror.

dwl-g700ap screenshot
Waiting for reboot after firmware upgrade.

dwl-g700ap screenshot
Firmware 2.33 running.

dwl-g700ap screenshot
New firmware allows AP client mode.

dwl-g700ap screenshot
Connecting to noquestwifi network in client mode.

Installing a non-oficial firmware.

This AP is based on chipset RTL8186 and there some alternative firmwares  to try.

Wive website

Wive is just one alternative firmware for platforms based on RTL8186, there's also Wive-NG.
We're showing the Wive install process.

We need a TFTP client, in Linux Fedora 14 you could type "yum install tftp" to install it. For Windows 7 there are some free TFTP clients to install.
From the command line, run:
Now we can input commands:
put wive_rev_b.bin (but do not press enter, leave this window open)

With the AP powered off.
Press and hold the reset button by using a paperclip.
While holding reset button, power the AP on and keep pressing the button for 5 seconds.
The AP is now in an special mode TFTP server, it will not respond to ping but its IP adress while it is in this special mode is,
Now press enter to execute the put wive_rev_b.bin command.

We'll see the LAN led flashing fast, that means it's installed with the new firmware.

Transfer timed out message:
Your firewall is blocking the transfer, disable it.
You waited too long to run the put wive_reb_b.bin command.

Now access with your browser to
user: admin
password: rtl8186

dwl-g700ap screenshot wive
Web configuration interface for Wive firmware.

dwl-g700ap screenshot wive
Connecting to the device by ssh Wive firmware.

To revert back to d-link original firmware, use the same process but instead of the wive_reb_b.bin file, use the dlink firmware.
The username and password will be the default dlink user: admin pass: (leave blank).

We would only recommend Wive firmware to advanced users, the web interface doesn't work very well and the commandline mode requires to know what you are really doing.

Howto revive a bricked DWL-G700AP

First, try the standard reset procedure shown before.
Second, try to revert back to d-link firmware by using TFTP and original firmware from d-link as shown before.
Third, JTAG, only for advanced users, you have to solder wires to the board where the JTAG pins are, the other end goes to the computer serial port so you can send the commands to restore the firmware. We don't have detailed information about this procedure. But it can be done.
Fourth, don't you think it's time to buy a new AP?

December 2011.

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